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Welcome at campsite De Fransche Kamp


It is possible to come and camp for a short stay at the Fransche Kamp. During the camping season from April to September you can camp for a maximum of 3 consecutive nights. Short camping is only possible with a tent, because cars and other motorized vehicles are not allowed at the Fransche Kamp.


Booking in advance is not necessary. Upon arrival, sign in at The Canteen and our hosts will show you around.


Good to know is that De Fransche Kamp is run entirely by volunteers. They do their utmost best to provide the best hospitality possible.


For questions or remarks you can speak to our hosts in The Canteen,  where you can also find good coffee and food and all sorts of activities.


Please note the following house rules:

  • You can set up your tent on 'kleine sportveld' or in the area behind the playground near The Canteen.

  • You can camp with a group of up to 10 people (there is always someone over the age of 21 present).

  • Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.

  • Please respect the night silence between 22:00 and 08:00

  • Open fire is not allowed. If a BBQ restriction is in effect (check at The Canteen), please only use the outdoor cooking area on 'kleine sportveld'. Only the use of small propane burners is allowed during a BBQ restriction at the outdoor cooking area. 

  • Do not attach anything to tree's (e.g. hammocks or washing lines)

  • Please keep appropriate distance to the caravans of full season guests. 

  • Dishwashing is only allowed at the dishwashing facilities (situated at the facilities building next to Parking 2).

  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the premises. 



NB: From the 20th to 24th of July it is not possible to short-camp at the Fransche Kamp. This due to the Wonderfeel Festival. We are already fully booked during the Wonderfeel Festival!

We hope to welcome you soon at the nicest seasonal campsite of the Netherlands!

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